Advanced solutions in Unmanned Systems and C-UAS

We apply conventional aviation standards to the world of UAVs, which is a differentiating element in the field.

About us

ETRA AIR stands out for its advanced capabilities to offer unmanned aerial and ground systems solutions, as well as their countermeasures (anti-drone).

Thanks to our specialized R&D personnel, as well as our innovative machinery, we have created a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who work in the design and development of the latest generation UAVs, more efficient, more resistant and with greater autonomy; as well as detection, identification and interception systems; complying in both categories with the most demanding standards.

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Our main characteristic is our ability to adapt developing exclusive products to our customers’ requirements, which respond to their needs and allow them to achieve their objectives with greater success.

Another of our company’s advanced capabilities is its expertise in integrating state-of-the-art sensors and payloads into its unmanned systems, including artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that improve equipment efficacy.

ETRA AIR is one of the divisions of the GRUPOETRA, a leading business conglomerate with more than three decades of experience in the sector, whose purpose is to provide society with the most innovative solutions in mobility, traffic and transportation infrastructure, lighting, energy, security and communications.


ETRA AIR’s latest technology facilities are specifically equipped for the design and development of unmanned systems. Since you enter the building, you can feel the excitement and energy of a team of professionals passionate about their work.

We have in our facilities specialized equipment in aeronautical and electronic design and validation for the different structures that make up the aircraft, as well as in the manufacture and materials processing used in its manufacture. We have the most advanced machinery to carry out all the processes, from the initial design to the testing and validation tests in accordance with the regulations and certification standards.

In our facilities there are also powerful computational resources where the software team develops the algorithms and AI systems of the unmanned systems. These professionals use advanced computing systems for the development of applications and data analysis tools to collect and process information from UAVs, allowing them to handle increasingly complex and demanding tasks.

In order to offer the highest quality in our equipment, we have a test area where both subassemblies and complete platforms are subjected to different performance and stress tests, which allow us to simulate different scenarios safely.

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We incorporate the entire value chain:

At ETRA AIR we are able to provide repair and maintenance services for both our own and third party equipment.


Safety is a fundamental maxim for us. As in conventional aviation, we follow the triple-S rule: safety, safety and safety.

Our quality certifications are proof of this:

certificación de calidad aenor iso 9001

UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015

Design, production, maintenance, repair and technical assistance of unmanned aerial navigation equipment and services for public and private clients

certificación aenor

UNE-EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017

Security Information

certificación ens

ENS-2023/0010 MEDIUM category

Compliance with national safety regulations

The Quality policy is available to stakeholders, as appropriate in each case.
For further information you may request it through email or contact the Quality Management Systems department of ETRA AIR, S.L.

We apply conventional aviation standards to the world of UAVs, which is a differentiating element in the field.



Defence and Security Forces and Corps

In the field of Defence, we have already carried out actions together with the Ministry of Defence, as well as exercises with NATO with swarm flying units for complex missions.

As for the Security Forces and Corps, we are able to supply them with complete systems that act as useful tools to carry out their security, inspection, surveillance and control tasks.

Thanks to the collaboration with other companies of the GRUPOETRA, we have patented systems with time stamp that offer legal validity in any inspection process, being of interest for the actions carried out by the Security Forces and Corps.


In the industrial sector, the use of our equipment offers the following advantages:

Some examples of the industrial use of drones are:

  • Inspection of confined spaces (bridges, chimneys, storage tanks, sewage systems, etc.)
  • Surveillance and inspection of linear infrastructures and roads
  • ILS/VOR calibrations at airports
  • Mapping and topography